Part 1

Ben: hey granpa

Max: well i guess you came at the right time I made extra squid burgers

Kevin: blegh


Gwen: someone sent ben a letter in onather language we were hope ing that you could find out what it says

Max: hmmmmmmmm it's written in Azile the only alphabet of "Peptos 2" either a "Gamaling" or a "Bafara" sewnt you this letter

Kevin: ya we just want to now wha it says

(gwen elbows kevin)

Kevin: ouch!

Max: I know [well now i do] it sys SOS

Ben: what that much letters for "one" word

Max: no Ben it says S.O.S. every 3 letters and at the bottom it says its return adress

Kevin: more like coordinates

Gwen: it's to the minning shaft, like were we found that baby

Kevin: its a baby im still not cleaning its daipers

Ben: we got the memo already

Rust bucket: Rvvvvvvvvvvvv

Max: buckle up

(momets later)

Kevin: are we there yet no and if you keep saying that every three minutes you'll have to walk

Ben: we're already here

Kevin: put her i park gramps

(they four go in the cave)

????: HEY!!!


????: Up here

Ben: who are you

????: my name is Adem Eroy, now could you just get me down here

?????: I don't think ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssso

(out of the shadow appears a giant black Cobra)

?????: My name is BlaCobra, and I beleive your the famous Ben Tennyson right?

Ben: here that i'm Famous

Adem: and appeareently Gloaty

( transform into Humongasour)

Ben: Humongasaur, what you call me just get me down please

(Humgasaur rip the sticky goo of him)

Adem: That'll do you can go now

Ben: Ya right

Adem Guess i'll help to

ZeroMatrix: Open... selecting

Gwen: Is that a

ZeroMatix: selected

Adem: Claw-Storm-Phobia, ahhhhhhhhh

(Adem ties BaCobra's tail to a pillar and another and another)

Ben: you have an Matrix

Adem: ZEROmatrix i might add

Ben: Ultimate Humongasaur

adem: no my matrix dosn't mutate aliens it evolves them.... Ultimate... Claw... Storm... Phobia...

Ben: no way 4 heads

Adem: You now what they say... 2 heads are way baetter than... But in this case 4 heads are better than 2... Evolution to Revolution EXTREME...

(both turn back to normal)

Adem: see the Ultra Matrix turn aliens mutant and there fused with there elements, and it was made by Galvin, But mine Was made by the universes Smartest aliens and Alien mythologists. so here it is.

Ben: cool design.

Adem: thanks

Part 2

Kevin: alright enough with the small talk, what was that thing

Gwen: it said it's name Kevin.

Kevin: I know

Adem: BlaCobra ? he's a Quasran (Kah-Z-ran) A cobra Alien race he's a rare Kind. He justs wants to get the ZeroMatrix no biggy

Ben: ya a Super UltaMatrix

Adem: he's pretty weak once I Broke his chin in front of an old Hiker.

Ben: He saw you!

Adem: well ya, but he didn't see me Transform or Deform for that matter

Ben: hey wy don't we see who's Matrix is better

Adem: great idea a 3 on 3 battle free for all no Ultimate forms

Ben: and no switching forms during the rounds

Adem: and Ben: alright

Kevin: I guess i'll be Ref, oh and only transform at the begining first person to go back normal wins

Ben and Adem: got it

Kevin: Choose your alien,

Adem: got it

Ben: lets go

Kevin: Ready.... Set.... MATRIX!

Ben: CannonBolt

Adem: SuBrat


Ben and Kevin:... Bwahahahahahaaaaaa wahahahahaha ohh o that is just weak and puny

Ben: ya Kevins right, hey wered he go

Bam Bam

Ben: hey i can't see

Adem: it's subrats ability he can do Camafloug

Ben: ou little [hey what a second, it's Camoflouge if he moves to much I would see him but he on the ground soooo]

(Cannonolt bounces hard on the ground appearing Subrat)

Adem: hey that hurt you jerk and

(Cannonbolt bashes subrat)

Adem: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Kevin: Adem is out the winner is Ben Tennyson

Ben: Oh ya who's the giant Rolly Thing.... I won

Kevin: Choose your alien,


Kevin: Ready.... Set.... MATRIX!

Ben: SwampFire

Adem: SamuRay

Adem: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Slice Slice

Ben: hahahaaaaaaaa, Swamp fire can reGenerat Adem, and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahah ohhhhh

Adem: Not with SamuRay, he can't cut you, you still say Ouch rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah

(SamuRay jumps in the are and slices SwampFire in half returning ben to normal)

Ben: urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh that hurt

Kevin: Winner is Adem Eroy

Kevin: Choose your alien,


Kevin: Ready.... Set.... MATRIX!

Ben: NRG

Adem: GrowthSprout

Ben: wait wy is he called GrowthSprout

(GrowthSprot grow up to 80 feet)

Ben: nevermind, dosn't matter if you try to cut be you'll only hurt your self and if you do you'll unlease a Nuclear Monster. hahaha-

(unteruptedbecause Ben was smashed againsta small mountain)

Ben: Pain

Adem: GrowthSprouts Race can be Very "VIOLENT"

Ben: errrrrrrr but not if he stays close to the ground


(Ben buts the leaves on Adem and shoves it into his Eyeholes)

Adem: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(adem transforms back)

Adem: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,



.... I can't feel my toe!!

Ben: aand the winner is Ben Tennyson and the croud goes wild

????: Sssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Ben: !

BlaCobra: Bravo Ben Tennyscared

Ben: what are you talking about

Kevin: I can take him

Gwen: wait how could you escaped we Tied you to a pillar

Adem and Ben: WE ?

BlaCobra: how since Ben transformed into "NRG" he produced Ratiation which was just what i needed

(BlaCobra reveals a Plumbers Badge)

Kevin: a Plumbers Badge

BlaCroba: yes but it can give me an Ultimate form for a Limited Time

Adem: from which matrix ?

BlaCobra: Bens Idiot the Exrualtishdrianekilamaarterix is to Complicated for a fraction of Enginearing

Kevin: Exlurkilar What?

Adem: it's the name for the "ZeroMatrix"

BlaCobra: any way as Ben would say time to Go Ultimate..... Ultimate BlaCobra

(He Gains Wing and Has arms like a Caterpillar, with a head on the End Of his Tail with an Eye on his Forehead, and Sounds Mechanicle like)

Ben: Gulp

Adem: please i'lll go Ultimate Claw-Storm-Phobia

ZeroMatrix: Stand by

Adem: oh no

Ben: Mine still got Power.... EchoEcho Now for some inproving.... Ultimate EchoEcho now for multiplying how bout say 100,000

Adem: wow

Ben: UltimateeEchoEcho, Cover your Ears

Kevin: Here super Head Phones, With these you can't here yourself Think or Breath

(Ben and the other 99,999 Bens Scream a sonic Boom)


(BlaCobra turns back to normal)

Ben: Well looks like this is wraped up nicly

UltraMatrix: Dna sampled Aquired

Ben: and A new Alien to alright

Adem: Ben Don't select hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim

(they were teleported)

Next Time

Kevin: he's Stuck in GrowthSprout he'll Shrivle if he dosn't time out

Ben: I was on this Planet With Briany We could go to the teleporter and get of

Adem: Run

Kevin: He's Spreading Poison by Minuite if we are within a 30 Radiouce the Posion will Kill us

Gwen: We Can't Leave him

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