Part 1

Ben: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, What happened?

Gwen: I think we Teleported

Ben: Hey, I was on this Planet With Briany it's Called "Turrawuste" We could go to the Teleporter and Get off

Kevin: guys?

Ben: What

Kevin: Look

Gwen: He's In GrowthSprout?

Ben: So

Kevin So, GrowthSprout is a Pandorman and i think he's stuck

Ben: so

Kevin: he's Stuck in GrowthSprout he'll Shrivle if he dosn't time out

Adem: uhhhhhhhhhhh my head

Ben: Come lets hurry and get off this planet before we run into "Something"

(around 50 minutes later)

Gwen: do you notice that Adem has been staying a couple feet behind us

Ben: maybe just ten Paces

Kevin: Shh

Adem: what is it

Kevin: I here something

Adem: Sounds like heavy breathing from a dog


Ben: What The argh

Adem: Its a Hashdrag a Beetle Dog that noes how to pick clean

Ben: I got it

(when ben turns on the UltraMatrix Adem grows super big)


HashDrag: ar ar ar ar ar

Ben: Hmmm

Gwen: Something wrong ya theres a Pond Over there but don't go nere it it's a trap set by the-

Kevin: Bonsai

Ben: Kevin No

kevin: water Oh Fresh water gulp gulp gup gulp gulp gulp uhhhhhhhhhhhh

rumble rumble

Kevin: What the Dravek: Roar

Kevin: O oh

(The dravek tried to get kevin but when then were 1 Ince close Adem grew 100 Feet and thru the Dravek 100 Miles in the Opposite Direction of the teleporter)

Adem: Worms don't Fly

Kevin: Ben I think were switching Person alities

Gwen: Guys? who knows how fast that worm can travel or its temper

Adem: Gwens right, got to keep moving

(Hour later)

Ben: hey I think I see it Kevin: lets goAdem: Ah I fell, mmm a C c c Cut [breathes hevily]

Gwen: I think Your over Reacting over a cut

Kevin: Not Just your every day Cut

Gwen: what

Kevin: He's Spreading Poison by Minuite, If we are within a 30 foot Radiouce the Posion will Kill us

Ben: Are you telling me he just set of a Posion ticking Time Bomb

Kevin: Yep he have to go

Gwen: We can't just leave him here

Adem: No go just go [breathes hevily]

Gwen: This heat is Killing you If we leave you here-

Adem: Go now, [breathes hevily] the creatures won't hurt me if they take a bite they'll be Posioned and plus this wound will heal in time

Ben: we have to go I see a dust cloud

Gwen: a sandStorm

Ben: Probaly if we don't move that will kill use

Adem: he's right go now

Gwen: ... Maybe I can cover It

Adem: no use the Posion spreads thru mass you'll only push it out more, Goooo Now

Part 2


kevin: Look

(he notices that Hashdrags are eating the sysetm)

Kevin: Get away

Ben: ... Rath, Get away you stupid dog's you wanna be Muzzled

Gwen: that was cold

(Rath thru the Thrasdrags and they ran away)

Ben: You better tell me good news Kevin

Kevin: the Teleporter's barky on if we don't activate it now we'll be traped here

Gwen: but what about Adem

Ben: ...XLR8 start the teleporter

Kevin: you won't make maybe not XLR8, But how bout... Ultimate XLR8, Start It Now

(Ben storms of leaves a small sand storm)

Kevin: better start it

(8 seconds later)

Ben: get on

Adem: Ben

Ben: yep now get on

Adem: Okay

(2 miles away)

Kevin: here we go Come on, Yes lets go Gwen

Gwen: I see Ben

Kevin: wooooooo

(Kevin and gwen are sucked in the portal as it slowly closes)

Ben: come on faster

(Jet appear out of bens legs)

Ben: woo hoo

Adem I think I'm Gonna be XLR8 sick

(and they make with a second to spare)

Ben: We Made it

Adem: hey, Im back to normal

Kevin: Must off been that planet

????: Wy'd you think I sent him there

Adem: BlaCobra

Blacobra: peek a boo

Adem: thats It... FrostBite and even more... Ultimate FrostBite

(adem Bites BlaCobra head)

BlaCorba: Pain, Pain, Pain,

Adem: he fainted Already? Weak.

Next time

Ben: Since when is your Omnitrix Red?

Adem: Upgrade

Kevin: and Upgrade to?

Adem: Ben? and Me?

Ben: which, is which?

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