Bigger Badder
Ben 10000


June 23, 2010


Ben 10: Master Control





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Bigger Badder is the first episode of Ben 10: Master Control.


June 23, 2010


The episode begins where Ben walks through his door to his kitchen. He owns his own headquarters, it being his house as well. Ben sees Julie and they talk about what they are going to eat tonight. Ben suggests Pizza, and Julie suggests Spaghetti. However, Julie agreed with Ben and they are having pizza. But right after that, the alarm goes off. Which means crime or something with an alien is going on. Ben must get there. Ben transforms into XLR8 and takes off. Ben arrives at the crime scene. At the bank. I think Ben didn't take long to realize what happened. They stole money. Ben did some scanning with XLR8. Later to find out that Rocketman, a villian, stole more than $1,000,000. Ben calls Gwen, Kevin, and Julie to come help. Gwen has mastered her spells, and Kevin is a master Osmosian, with the same powers as Aggregor. Ben and Julie still have Ship. And Ship can merge with Julie making her a Galvanic Mechamorph, with the abilities as one. Gwen, Kevin, and Julie arrive with Ben and start to get to Rocketman. Rocketman has a small cabin in the middle of the city. Ben and the gang then arrive there. Rocketman's abilities are to shoot rockets and blast off flying. Rocketman wants to fight Ben. They make a deal, if Rocketman wins, he keeps the money, but if Ben wins, he gives the money back and goes back into the Null Void. Ben transforms into Fourarms. Ben throws some punches, and Rocketman does, too. And in the end, Ben won. But Rocketman does not want to return the money or go into the Null Void. So he escapes. Ben can track his location with XLR8. Ben transforms into XLR8. Ben has found Rocketman he is in Downtown Bellwood on the street of Woodwall. They get there and challenge Rocketman. Rocketman accepts their challenge. Ben transforms into Nanomech. Ben is going to use Nanomech to take out his powers. While Gwen, Kevin, and Julie attack him, Nanomech will go right next to him, go in his jet, disable it, and he will lose his powers. He does that as Nanomech. Rocketman tries to run away, but fails. Ben transforms into Lodestar. He uses his magnetic hold, where he activates his magnetism, and can cantrol where the victim goes. So he activates his magnetism, and where ever his hand goes, Rocketman follows him due to magnetism. Kevin puts up the Null Void Entrance, and Ben, as Lodestar, places Rocketman in the Null Void. And that's how they defeated Rocketman.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Levin (formerly known as Tennyson, but her last name changed when she got married to Kevin)
  • Kevin Levin
  • Julie Tennyson (formerly known as Yamamoto, but her last name changed when she got married to Ben)


  • Rocketman

Aliens Used

  • XLR8 (x2)
  • Fourarms
  • Nanomech
  • Lodestar

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