• Ebomnitrix

    [We fade in to where Ethan had just barely arrived at the Horizon entrance. Alice, Terence and Nikki were standing and waiting for him.]

    Nikki: So, you ready for the new semester?

    IN 3 WEEKS!

    [Ethan took a deep breath and smiled with a confident look on his face.]

    Ethan: Yeah.


    [We cut to inside the cafeteria where Alice, Nikki, Terence and Ethan were sitting in the same booth.]

    Alice: Well, I guess you better start studying.

    [Ethan slid himself down the seat and face planted into the table.]

    Ethan: Nandayo...


    [Four Arms reeled his fist back and unleashed a powerful right hook, but Hex dodged the attack.]


    Terence: You are a gift from God. I can’t thank you enough.

    Ethan: Uhh...?


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  • Michaelblackjrxiv

    Chiro 10 hero of Earth

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  • THE BILL 10



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  • UltiVerse

    Well, what do you know? It's almost 2019! As we've done since the Year of X concept was introduced, let's see what happened on the wiki during 2018 - A Year of Renovation.

    • CaT and Mig stepped down from bureaucrat.
    • Brandon and Shades were promoted to administrator and later, bureaucrat.
    • Subterra, Lacey, Lt. Omni, Carth and Boaring, among others, joined the wiki.
    • Aaron was promoted to administrator and later, bureaucrat.
    • Brandon, Shades and Ulti stepped down from bureaucrat.
    • CaT and Ulti were promoted to bureaucrat.

    • E-10: Horizons was created by Ethan.
    • Ben 10: Reboot Revolution released its series finale.
    • Ben 10: ExOS was created by Carth.

    • 2018 - A Year of Renovation was introduced, focused on updating the wiki to fit modern standards.
    • Planet Chaturn, Wik…

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  • ChromastoneandTabby
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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    Art contest time. The theme this round was "Underground". Let's see how our competitors did.

    I do like this entry a lot. It conveys a nice feeling with good use of faded colors; however, it feels rather blurry, something that seems to be a pattern with Brandon's Fanon Con entries. Good art, but a little sharpness would go a long way imo.

    The crystals are the real star of this work, being drawn in lovely shapes and colors that clearly define their underground environment and break up the grays of the background. Very nice.

    Main Blog is tomorrow. Check that out if you would.

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    New Year's is just a really good time to launch things, especially for a project like this. I can't promise following release dates will be as consistent but there should still be a new episode every month of 2019.

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  • ChromastoneandTabby

    I guess this is the first contest blog since nobody submitted any entries for the other contests rip

    The theme for this con's character contest was "blue". Let's see how the contestants did!

    Now if this ain't a creative, well-written entry, I don't know what is.

    This entry is okay, but the writing was kind of weak, and the character just being the color blue didn't feel like as creative of an interpretation as Sol's entry.

    See y'all tomorrow for the Art contest. Ciao!

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  • PurpleIsMyFavoriteColor

    8 new episodes of Back in Action: Alien Universe coming up.

    8 Foreverlasting
    A new age of Forever Knights comes to Bellwood.
    9 Can't Trust the Weather, Man
    Senator Vetteroy takes Bellwood by storm, as Ben quarrels with the Plumber who "stole" his promotion. (Formerly Heir)
    10 Plight of Pinocchio
    Eunice makes an ultimatum with Azmuth. (Formerly Edge of Deconstruction)
    11 Maximum Slumber
    An attempted Null Void prison break leaves Max and several rookie Plumbers on death row.
    12 Dusk
    Dawn risks it all with what little time is left.
    13 Escalation
    The Forever Knights, Plumbers, and Ben's team face the UN in light of recent catastrophies.
    14 Malevolence
    What's left of Ben's team tackles a prison break in the Null Void.
    15 Never Set in Stone
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  • Reo 54

    Woo! Season 3 is here! Welcome to the 9th episode of Reo's Ideas, the blog series where I tell you about my ideas. This time I'll be explaining a project I call Reo's Ultimate Series (RUS).

    The Series didn't grow past its first instalment, although there were some plans for that. The first instalment focuses on  Zane Miller, a fighter in the new popular underground fighting sport. Each brawler is given a device that allows them to transform into a powerful alien creature. Then two brawlers go head to head in a battle, that can end fatally for the loser.

    Zane, real name Kai Knight, has the alien known as Reptak at his disposal. Zane actually was an orphan adopted by his now mentor, Gus Miller. Neither of them knows that Zane comes from the we…

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