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Blyte is a combination alien from Tech 10: Rebooted formed by using the combination function of the SpecTrix on the DNA of the aliens Umbra and Luminferus.

General Information
Species Combined Litonares/Daronite
Home World Technically none; Base forms are both from Trizetra.
DNA source Luminferus


Body Decaying/Corrupted Spiked Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Light Control

Shadow Control

First Appearance Welcome to The Void

You may be looking for the Blyte from the original Tech 10 continuity.


Blyte's abilities include:

  • Light Control
  • Shadow Control
  • Invisibility
  • Limited Teleportation
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Sharp Claws
  • Damage Resistance


Blyte looks like a half-corrupted, half-decaying combination of Umbra and Luminferus, and has a light half and dark half of his body.

The light half of his body has exposed bones and tissue as a result of the intense light energy.

The dark half of his body is oddly bent and has multiple spikes jutting out of it.

He has four mouths filled wih sharp teeth spread across his face, which all seem to be in a constant half-smile, half-frown. His eyes glow red, and are kept hidden by a layer of shadow surrounding the upper part of his face.

Blyte is around 7 feet tall.


Blyte is completely insane. Not the 'kinda quirky' kind of nuts the orginal had going on, more of the 'run-while-you-still-have-your-legs' kind of crazy.

He will indiscriminately murder anyone he considers 'in his way', which is apparently defined to him as anyone that is not entirely neutral. This obviously hinders most social interactions.


Thanks to his mere existance, it has now become necessary for everyone to perform routine checks to ensure your safety and continued survival in the world of the living. First off, you should check whether or not Blyte is behind you.

  • Is Blyte behind you?
  • If Yes: He's behind you.
  • If No: He's behind you.

If Blyte is not, in fact, behind you, you may now relax. In the event that he is behind you, simply follow these instructions and wait for help to arrive:

  1. Lie down.
  2. Try not be paranoid.
  3. Be paranoid a lot.

If you have followed these instructions correctly, and focus on your intense fear instead of normal things, there is a chance that Blyte will not notice you. This may result in unfortunate psychological side-effects, but hey, at least you're not dead, right?

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