This is about the Ken 10/Ben 10,000 alien. You may be looking for the Simien 10 alien Brainfreeze.


Brainfreeze is a Cerebofriggians from Planet Kylmyys Encephalona. Brainfreeze has hyper-intellect and an ability to freeze mind and objects. Brainfreeze can also shot ice from its brain! He also has the eye called third eye on his head, which projects the vision of past and




Brainfreeze's freezing ability can cause him a headache Supersonic can effect his brain Cannot stay in heat for long time If the third eye meets the water it can effect his brain too.

Ultimate Omnitrix 2 Appearances

He is part of 5 aliens - Benvicktor, Nanomech, Birdragon, Insectelligence and Ghostfreak. It is may be possible that he will return.

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