Canonchuck is one of Ken's 10 aliens.


  • Four Strong Stretchy Tounges
  • Can digest anything
  • Can upchuck digested items into explosives
  • Roll into an indestructable ball
  • Can roll at high speeds
  • Strength


  • Cannot digest real food
  • Hard to stand up when he falls on his back
  • Limited Strength

Species and Planet

Species: Arburmand Gourmarota

A gourmand pelarota is a combination of an Arburian Pelarota (Cannonbolt's species) and a Gourmand (Upchuck's species). Not much is known about his species.

Planet: Peptburia XI

Arburmand Gourmarotas live on Peptburia XI in the Milky Way galaxy.


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