Chunk is a rock-like toy from rockomosin that appears in Aliens Unleashed . Chunk has protective shoulder spikes, poseable oversized limbs, and fists ready to smash anyone who gets in his way. He also has a hidden head spike which when pressed down on switches Chunk's facial expression from friendly to fierce. He was one of a race like Rocks . He is voiced by Ben Tennyson.

He has shown to be not very bright and durable and able enough to handle the rough teens .


Chunk's Angry Fack , and Sparks.

He has Brawn and no Brains. He doesn't like to back down , and won't leave until his enemy is dead. When he speaks , he has a dark rough voice .

Joseph 10 Super Omniverse

He is rumored to reappear in Super Omniverse. He is also rumored to be voiced by Jack Angle.

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