Clash of the villains is a new contest. Well I know every likes the battle contests, So I made one with something different:villains. Instead of aliens we will use villains.


  • The clash has started! Please add the villains that you want to fight in the battlefield.
  • You must have 5 villains
  • If most of the team (4 or 5 villains) doesn't have powers and weaknesses, their team will be disqualified. If only one or two villains don't have powers or weaknesses it is okay but the one or two villains can't fight.
  • Using original Villains is okay, but they need pages with powers and weaknesses too.
  • If you have more than one series, you can use villains from both series.
  • No red-linked villains
  • Must have powers and weaknesses. Without powers and weaknesses the villain can't fight in the battlefields.
  • If the villain doesn't have a page, powers or weakness, he can't fight.
  • When you vote for the winner, you can't vote in a battle your villain is in.
  • Upgraded forms of a villain and the normal form of the villain (like Zilemm and Zilann) in the same team aren't allowed.
  • To choose the winners of the battles, users will vote for the winner of the battle.
  • You can help creating battlefields, but the maximum number of battlefields is 8. Note: creating Battlefields has ended.
  • The arenas Anur Phaetos, Vilgaxia, Sotoragg, Thrae and Incarcecon are "qualifiers". The winners of these battles move on to Hofu, then to Spiritualia X and finally to Megacruiser where the winners will be announced.
Clash of the villains contest

Contest holder


1st place


2nd place


3rd place



You can add the aliens you want to fight in here, I will write them in the Arenas.

Anur Phaetos Villains: The Pyro-Knight, Star-Knight, Myster, Sander, Chocolate Bunny's

Vilgaxia Villains: Zyrokks, Demonstar, King Euclid, TimePrince, Timeking

Incarcecon (that prison from Secrets of the omnitrix) Villains: The Sphinx, Gigantus, Ah Puch, Time Jr. , Dr. Brain

Sotoragg (the planet sixsix and sevenseven are from) Villains: Mechachlorox, Sugistone, X-Scizzor, Deathvoid, Veggie King

Thrae (the opposite Earth from the episode Journey to the other dimension of Simien 10:Space Race) Villains: Ci,Daggergor, Satyr, Galaxius Rex, EightEight

Hofu (Phobius's planet)

Spiritualia X (the homeworld of Deathvoid)

Megacruiser (Slix Vigma's ship)

Sign ups and villain team

Omernoy121 13:11, August 20, 2010 (UTC): (Zyrokks, The Pyro-Knight, Mechachlorox, Ci, The Sphinx)

User:Charbel2001 15:09, August 20, 2010: (Demonstar,Star-Knight,Sugistone,Satyr,Gigantus)

TheHubNetwork 12:00 , August 21,2010 ( Vilgax , Aggregor , Albedo , Rojo , Rojo's Gang ) Team is disqualified.

Waiyenoo111 (Myster, Galaxius Rex, Ah Puch, King Euclid and Deathvoid [Technically both villain and alien])

Duncan Crook (Veggie King, Timeking, Dr.Brain, EightEight and Chocolate Bunny's,) Duncan Crook, creator of Team Tennyson!

Batking30 (Daggergor,Sander,TimePrince,X-Scizzor,Time Jr.) User_talk:Batking30Cody x Sierra 12:55, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

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