Claw-Storm-Phobia (Original form)


  • Ability to apear Solid objects from claws
  • Can Make/Stop rain if there are Clouds
  • Can absorb Electricity
  • Is can survive without and can breathe's Matter

Unlocked In?!?!

S.O.S. Stupid Overlord Snake


Home World: Peptos 2

Species: Gamlaming

Language: Azile

Planet Information: Peptoes 2 is a Small, misty, and wet land with only 46% percent dry land. The Gamlaming's come there to relax.

Specie Information: The Gamlaming's are a slow jolly type of alien, but they can be a hazard they can become as hard as a 6 feet of metal

Ultimate alien

See Ultimate Claw-Storm-Phobia

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