In this episode Ben gets his own cooking show called Cooking With Ben!On his first day there twins smile and wink at him.Once he gets to the set.They say he has to be Polygon and look a proffesinal chef.When the show comes on Ben says,"Hello and welcome to cooking with Ben.You might be wondering were Ben is well his show got cancelled!Just kidding.Then he transforms back into himself.Then he finishes the show by showing everyone how to cook,Star Cookies,Lemon Cake and Finger Sandwiches.As Ben leaves the set he sees that the producer is actually Daggergor who wants to capture Ben no doubt.So Ben rushes in there as Armodrillo and causes the place to collapse,but Daggergor escapes and absorbs Armodrillo's powers and creates an Earthquake to destroy Belwood.Ben stops it by absorbing it as Armodrillo,but it backfires and causes him to revert back to normal.He then runs away while Daggergor creates small earthquakes that make him trip.When he trips the 7th time it causes the Ultimatrix to hit the ground give Ben back one of his aliens.Ben then uses him by digging underground and hits Daggergor down.He then retreats and checks if he still has Armodrillo's power,no.Ben then goes to school the next day after hearing they cancelled his show.While at school Ben meets a new classmate Tripp Bulbar.Ben then tells Julie he meet Tripp.Julie says she knows him since he was her old friend.The episode ends with Ben standing there being shocked.

Major Events

  • Ben gets his own show.
  • His show gets cancelled
  • Ben fights Daggergor again.
  • Ben meets Tripp.
  • Ben finds out Tripp was Julie's old boyfriend
  • Ben regains Drillbit


  • Ben
  • Julie
  • Twin Sisters
  • Tripp


  • Daggergor

Aliens Used

  • Polygon
  • Armodrillo
  • Drillbit


  • Ben thinks Julie still has feelings for Tripp.

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