Note: This is a fan-made alien that will be sent to the creator and then might become a real one.


This is just a simple basic first scetch using a paint program

Name: CopyCat

HomePlanet: Same as Rath's

Species: Appoplexian Major

Apperance: A big cat about the size of an elephant. It has 2 heads Lion-like one and a Tiger-like one. The heads act idependantly, but still work together. Scince each head has it's own brain, each have half the omitrix symbol on there forheads. Due to this instead of being called an it or he, Copycat is refered to as they.

Powers: Any attack CopyCat sees will be scaned by the Tiger-like head and then copied and launched back at the enemy by the Lion-like. After they copy it once they can use it any time they want. After the first time they use an attack they copied both head use the attack doubleing the power. It can see attacks no mater what because they can also see in the dark and don't need to blink. Also the only other power they have that they get themselves without copying from someone is if they copy and use any selfdestruct or any similer kinds of attacks they will regenerate afterwards. Also It dosn't gain any of the attacks weaknesses. Due to being on the Omnitrix they has the powers of the unlocked aliens already available to use.

Weakness(es): CopyCat's only has 1 weakness. Due to his strong power they gets tierd quickly they have a max of 1,000,000 power per 48-hour period each attack lowers their remaining power. The stronger the attack the more power it takes to use (for exaple a Super-Stragth punch takes 5,000 and Alien X's powers use all remaining power.) and when the power reaches 0 they turn back into Ben.

Biography: Due to their attack copying abilitys the species Appoplexian Major is well known as one of the most powerful aliens (only one stronger is Alien X's species). They are the dominant species on their and Rath's planet. No other data available at this time.

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