Creeper is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Spektrelin from the planet Mentavorg.

File:Creeper by kjmarch.jpg

Powers and Abilities

This alien's screams sound horrific and can induce fear or even madness, hence the name, Creeper. He also has the unique power to bend the light around him and give the appearance of being invisible.   His eyes can only see heat signatures coming from other lifeforms or internal organs (heart, lungs, etc.) Creeper can also create light-based illusions on himself to throw off any enemies. From his hands, he can fire a purple that paralyzes its opponents on contact.

Creeper also has enhanced strength, and the reflexes of a house cat.


Creeper controls how long he is transparent, but can be easily traced by small particals (dust, fog, smoke, etc.).

His scary screams have no effect on things such as robots or inorganic beings.


  • This alien was created by K.J March
  • His screams are almost as scary as Toepick's face.

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