In this episode Bowser from Mario escapes from his universe and Mario follows. Ben meets up with Mario. They decide to work together so they can catch Bowser!ben and Mario soon learn that Bowser has teamed up with TimePrince. Ben turns into Nitro Kid to get to TimePrince's Castle quicker. Once there Ben calls in Courtney to help. She comes and turns into Brain TitanShock like Ben! They attack but TimePrince counters with his alien Blobolus. Finally Bowser and TimePrince escape. Mario decides to stay with Ben to hunt Bowser.


Aliens Used By Ben

  • Brain TitanShock
  • Nitro Kid

Aliens Used By Courtney

  • Courtney's Jetray
  • Courtney's Brain TitanShock

Aliens Used by TimePrince

  • Blobolus

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