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Crushtacean is a alien in the series Simien 10. He is one of Simien's aliens. He is the strongest (physicaly) alien Simien has. He is one of Simien's most used aliens. He will also appear in Dan 10 as the replacement of Fourarms.

General Information
Species Cangrejon
Home World Espacio Enorme
Body Crab-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super strenght, good swimmer


  • Super Strengh
  • Very strong pinchers
  • Pinchers can slice through anything
  • Exetremly hard shell

    Crushtacean's lego version

  • High jumps
  • Breathing under water
  • Though his legs appearence, he is a a expert swimmer, able to swim under water at high speeds
  • His pointy legs can be used to attack


  • Since he is a crab-like creature, if he is flipped on his back it is almost impossible for him to get back up by himself
  • Under his body he has a small crack in his shell which can be used as a weak spot to attack

Species and Planet

Species: Cangrejon

Region: Cancer

Planet: Espacio Enorme


He looks like a huge yellow crab

He has giant pinchers

Alternate versions


Naecatshurc is Crushtacean's opposite clone, used by Neimis. He has the opposite of Crushtacean's powers. Naecatshurc is very weak, he can fly, and he has a gooey shell. Naecatshurc is a Nojergnac from Emrone Oicapse.


Crushtacean appeared in the fan-made MAD sketch Simon 10. He is a shrimp, unlike Crushtacean. His name is Crushedtacean due to him being small and crushable. None of his powers are known.


Simien 10: Opposite Alien

  • Zynon: (flips Crushtacean onto back)
  • Crushtacean: How did you know that was my weakness?
  • Zynon: I read the Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki.
  • Robert: Fourth wall breaker.


"The Amnesian Crab"

"Meet the Geryonsons"


"The Day has Come" (by Zyrokks)

"Honey, I shrunk the Aliens"

"Secrets of the Polytrix"

"Simien 10: Opposite Alien"by Past Simien

Dan 10



"Simon 10"

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