Cryptomatrix is an Omnitrix created by Azmuth. It was given to Ken by Azmuth as a gift to save the universe from the sons of Vilgax. It has some aliens and original aliens from Ben 10. Cryptomatrix is a target for Kur, which he thinks can unleash every dragon and monster on to land.


Red - Absorb

Red energy captured DNA and conceal it for a while. Red energy also prevents Ken to transform. If Ken is in danger, the Cryptomatrix will open up the new captured alien.

Blue - Active

Blue energy is active, but if not used, the energy will become completely black, which is in Secret of the Cryptomatrix. In the episode I don't love you, the energy core is filled with pink and changes Ken in Crush mode.

Green - Self-Destruct

Green self-destructs the Cryptomatrix which first appeared in Secret of the Cryptomatrix.


See Ken's Aliens also go down page.

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