In this episode when weird weather hits the town Ben begins to think something else is involved.He starts to search the town when he finds Tripp and Julie coming out of an icecream shop.Ben wonders if they are on a date so he turns into Nanomech and follows them.Next they go to a men's clothes store Ben thinks they are buying things for Tripp so he leaves.Back home on Tv he sees a Tornado is headed for the men's clothing store where Julie and Tripp are.Ben selects jetray but is turned into NRG.He starts to run there even though he is really slow.He sees the tornado next he goes,Chromastone and tries to stop it by sucking out the energy.It worked but then a new villain appeared Dark Storms.He shoots red lightning at Ben but Ben redirects it back at him killing him.Ben then goes back home.Two days later Julie comes over with Tripp and gives Ben some new clothes.Then the episode ends with Ben thinking,"oh thats why they were at that store".

Major Events

Ben gets some new clothes.






Dark Storms

Aliens Used


NRG(Jetray was selected)


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