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In Omniverse

185px-Darkstar 001

With his mask on in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien

185px-Darkstar 00

Without mask in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien


Without mask (altered) in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien

Michael Morningstar, also known as Darkstar, is a former Plumbers' Kid,

With out his mask on (Altered) in Omniverse.

and has often had encounters with Ben and his team that involve him absorbing energy in some way.


In Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, he has his Omniverse look, but with his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien helmet. Beneath his helmet, he has his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien head and facial features, but a strand of hair hangs over his right eye.

In Ben 10: The Omniwars, he has his Omniverse appearance, but with a mix of his suits and masks from AF/UA, and OV. Under his mask, he has more patches of hair, as well as more wrinkles. The black circles around his eyes are not as prominent. When he has full energy, his hairstyle is slightly different and he has bluish-white eyes.

In Ben 10: Unbound , he has his Omniverse appearance.

In Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse, he has his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, but the black parts on his suit are white. Beneath his mask, he has his Omniverse head and facial features.

Ben 10: Alien Force

He appeared in the episode All That Glitters and since became one of the most notable regular villains in the series. He has the ability to drain life force from living beings, he gained a grudge against Ben and his team after they accidentally caused him to turn into an awful zombie-like being who has to wear a helmet to hide his face. His plans usually involve gaining back his original face and feeding himself, though he seems to still be interested in feeding from Gwen's vast stores of Anodite energy.

Michael is initially depicted as a well-mannered individual whom appears eager to help Ben and company. He comes from a rich family as he states that his family has multiple mansions. How his family acquired such wealth isn't explained but it is known his is the only family which has such wealth, which are armed with a menagerie of Plumber technology. The technology in question is monitoring equipment that up links to a variety of networks which funnels information to him. Part of the monitoring equipment features a communication network between the Plumber badges and presumably the homing signal mechanism that's built into each device. Darkstar as he absorbed Gwen's powers

As they travel with him he shows a very uncaring attitude to others around him. This is evident by his slamming of the door in Kevin's face as well as his remarks to Gwen while they are alone. While Ben and Gwen quickly trusted him, Kevin knew since the beginning about Morningstar's true motivation (partially because of

210px-Ultimate Darkstar

Ultimate Darkstar

when Morningstar drained Gwen's energy, becoming nearly unstoppable and easily defeating both Ben and Kevin. However, Gwen proved to have enough will to resist his control, and drained her energy back from him, as well as part of his own, leaving him weakened. His other zombie victims then turned against him, and took back what remained of his energy, leaving him almost desiccated and powerless.

He later reappears as Darkstar in Darkstar Rising, his powers having gradually returned much stronger and more powerful than before. In order to get revenge, he tries to get Ben, Gwen, and Kevin arrested by Magister Prior Gilhil for impersonating Plumbers and by making a deal with a Highbreed Lord he defeated. When the Highbreed did his part of the deal, Darkstar tried to absorb Ben, Gwen, Kevin, the Highbreed and Gilhil's life force energy but he was unable to absorb Gwen's because she escaped. He later captured Ben, Kevin, the Highbreed, and Gilhil and was about to absorb all of their life force energy when Gwen came in with the DNAliens in which he was unable to absorb all of them because of fatigue. He was defeated by Ben using a c


Darkstar in Chris 10: Total Revolution (Credit to: Gera29)

ombination of his aliens. Afterwords, he was arrested by Magister Gilhil and thrown in the Null Void.
Michael Morningstar

Michael Morningstar in Chris 10: Total Revolution (Credit to: Gera29)

Ben 10: Ultimate Insanity

He has his UAF appearance. He first reappeared in Darkstar Scheming, where he battles Ben, Gwen, and Kevin until Sunny appears and defeats him. He tricks Sunny into helping him access Ledgerdomain where he begins to absorb the mana from her and the whole dimension, until he is defeated by Ben, Charmcaster, and Sunny.

The Show of Rath and Fasttrack

He appears in season 2 of the show and appears to be a janitor at the complex apartment area Rath and Fasttrack live at.


Chris 10: Total Revolution

Chaturn 10: Fan Force

Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Ben 10: The Omniwars

Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse


Ben 10: The Omniwars

Darkstar will return in Turn Off the Dark, in which he will try to obtain the Dominus Librium Glove.

John Smith 10: Galactic Battle

Darkstar originally went by his name Michael Morningstar, as a member of the Plumbers. However, he was a spy, serving Palpatine and giving intel to the Separatists. He is later found out and mutated into his Darkstar form. He is later killed in a battle with Ultimate John and Ultimate Kevin.

He is revived by Phantom, and joins the New Chess Pieces.


Distant Worlds

Phantom Watch

John Smith 10: Final Fantasy

Michael becomes the new president of Shinra, with his goal to find the Promised Land.


UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe


IN UPOTU Darkstar's Identity is Daniel. -->

He's a spy and an ally to Vilgax and all his friends. he will do anything to safe him self.


Ben 10: A New Series

He looks like he does in OV. HE is now a servant of the shadow.


Kenn 10: Omnistorm

In Kenn 10: Omnistorm Darkstar will appear in mid to late first season, he has his Omniverse helmet with his UA/AF suit. He will be a recurring villain.

Chris 10: Total Revolution
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