The Veggie King vows to destroy the Ben's team and the Plumbers. At first when Ben heard the Veggie King was back he turned in to his alien Plantsy who the Veggie King had not learned about yet. After Ben got in he changed back to hids regular self.The Veggie king collected the DNAs of Omnitrix and mix it with his body. The New Veggie King attacked the team. The New Veggie self-destructed the watch. Ghostfreak was able to control the Plumber's weapon and again possessed Max. Ghostfreak blasted Ben's Omnitrix causing a destruction bomb. The watch create a whirlpool that user's DNA was trapped. Ghostfreak, Veggie King, Gwen and Kevin tried to take the watch leading them to a fight. Ben in the Omnitrix tried to get out of the device. Omnitrix opened a portal bringing Ben back to the real world. Ghostfreak merged with Veggieking and attacked Ben. Ben abruptly transformed into Icestone. Icestone pinned Ghostfreak and Veggie King to the ground. Icestone changes into Corona Storm and blast laser at Ghostfreak and Veggie King. Corona Storm changes into Lodestar and shot Veggie King into Null Void. Ghostfreak was sent to Light Stasis.


  • Ghostfreak
  • Veggie King
  • Max
  • Alan Albright
  • Pierce
  • Gwen
  • Ben
  • Kevin
  • Ghostfreak

Aliens used