In Death Devil(3) the Veggie King escapes the Null Void with a brand new name and friend.The Veggie King changed his name to DNA Sucker!He also came out with The Void aka Dr.Animo.Can Ben stop DNA Sucker or will he fail?:The episode starts out with Da void and DNA Sucker coming out of the Null Void.They start to destroy Bellwood!As soon as Ben hears about this he changes into Stinger.When He gets down town with Gwen and Kevin they are attacked by DNA Sucker and Da void.DNA Sucker takes Kevin and Gwen's power and used them against Ben.Soon Da Void captures Ben and DNA Sucker absorbs power from the watch!Afterward Ben,Gwen and Kevin are Defenseless but Max comes to there rescues with the plumbers.Finally Ben,Kevin and Gwen get their powers back and go home.



Da Void

DNA Sucker





Aliens Used


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