This episode picks up from last time.Ben turns into Tar and escapes. Pluto appears and told Ben that Gwen was captured by Satan. Pluto teleports Ben to Japan. Ben in Japan was attacked by Vilgax. Vilgax and Hel battled Ben. Vilgax teleported Ben to Atlantis. In Atlantis, Ragnorok, the Destruction was waiting for him. Hel called Hod, her nephew to mesmerize Gwen. Gwen in Atlantis was fighting Satan for Freedom. Ben saw Hod, the god of darkness and winter on the way. Hod and Ben had a fist fight. The Omnitrix transformed Ben into Goop. Hod caused Umbra-roar and kicked the UFO out. Goop then changes into Echo Echo. Echo Echo blasted Hod into the Temple. Hod saw a crystal. Hod threw the crystal to Echo Echo's throat. Echo Echo blasted it out and touched the Omnitrix unlocking Crystal Warrior. Crystal Warrior then changes into Mindmesser and mesmerized Hod. Julie was also in Atlantis. Ship and Julie was attacked by Calmara. Mindmesser then battled Satan. Satan tempted Ben by leading him into Mot. Ben then changes into Joker and battled Satan. Ben saved Gwen. Hel and Dr. Animo turned Ship into a Mechamorph Dragon and Julie into a Zombie. Calmara changes back into Courtney and found herself in Pheles realm. Pluto asked Morpheus, Hypnos, Thanatos, Hecate and Saturn to help Ben. Suddenly, Zombie Julie and Dragon Ship attacked Kevin. Saturn and Morpheus restored them back to normal. Kevin changes his hand into Saturnium metal mace. Hecate and Hypnos helped Julie. Pheles then created a tidal wave wall and flooded the universe!! Everyone thought Earth was responsible. Ostara, the fertility goddess of Pyronites warn Ben that there is going to be a war. Gwen regained her mana shield from Charmcaster. The Ethereal Plumbers battled some of the armies before it gets to earth. Vilgax's robot drones attacked Austria! Ben and Kevin went there. Gwen, Thanatos, Paradox, Azmuth, Hypnos and Morpheus battled the incoming aliens. Ben finishes the aliens with Brainstorm. At last, Ben must (must) go to the Satanism Temple of Pheles. Demon warriors were defeated. Ben changes into Joker and shots out gas of saturnium. That didn't work. Ben changes into Chromastone and shots starry rays. That didn't work either. Ben then changes into Samurai and shot Mana Laser. Azmuth and Paradox said that Alien X (V2) will have to be used!! Alien X (version 2) burned Pheles with its eyes of Wishful. After that Ben was a hero that saved the universe!!!!

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