General Information
Species 1/2 Petrosapien
1/2 Vulpimancer
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities All of Diamondhead and Wildmutt's Powers
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Diamondmutt is a fusion between Diamondhead and Wildmutt.


15 Year Old Ben

Diamondmutt has lighter colored diamonds. He also has two crystals and the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. His torso, shoulders, hips and the top of his head are indigo.

16 Year Old Ben

Diamondmutt has a green and white collar and belt. He wears black pants with green cuffs. He also wears and black shirt with a green stripe in the middle. The crystals on his back are larger and there is only two. He has a larger lower jaw and he wears the Omnitrix symbol on his belt.

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