digimon 10 is a series that follows ben's team on their adventures in bellwood and the digital world.has three seasons.all are under construction.the omnitrix doesn't have much of a part in this for those of you omnitrix fans.


Main article: digimon 10 Episode Guide


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  • ben tennyson and gabumon
  • gwen tennyson and biomon(bee-oh-mon)
  • kevin levin and demidevimon/patamon
  • cooper daniels and anchientvolcamon
  • J.T. and blackgatomon/gatomon(season three)
  • cash and impmon(Season three)
  • myaxx and agunimon
  • tetrax shard and kumamon
  • alan albright and agumon
  • helen wheels and kinecelermon
  • manny and dracomon
  • julie yanamoto and veemon


  • J.T.(season two)
  • cash(Season two)


  • angewomon

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