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Divara was the wiki's January 2017 featured character!

Why would I by trying to resurrect something called the Anti-Life Entity if I wanted to live? That just doesn’t make any sense!


General Information
Species Celestialsapien (Formerly)
Celestialsapien/Human Hybrid
Home World Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Reality Warping
Associated Tarot XVIII - The Moon
First Appearance Nikopol
Divara is an enigmatic character from Tech 10: Star Spirit.



Not much is known of Divara's history pre-series. She evidently began life as a normal Celestialsapien and began wandering the universe at some point. It is implied she eventually found and took a liking to Earth, making herself half-human to blend in better. It is further implied that she fell in love with a human, said human eventually dying in an unknown incident she didn't find out about until after their death.

Left with severe guilt and depression after this incident, she eventually found out about the Anti-Life Entity and the hidden rooms of the Archives of Oberon at some point, and later hired former Obsidian Death member Zetium to help her revive the Entity.

During Series

Divara first appeared, albeit unshown and unnamed, at the end of Nikopol, noting that the StarTrix being infused with nanomachines went down without a hitch and revealing a machine overflowing with mysterious green energy.

She appeared in a similar manner at the end of Blood and the Moon: Part 2, where she expressed concern over The Jester inadvertently activating the StarTrix Requiem's failsafe.

Divara's appearance and name were revealed in Deaths and Entrances: Part 1, where she coerced Prelude into working for her and sent him and Zetium to Earth.

At the end of Deaths and Entrances: Part 2, she healed Prelude's battle injuries and revealed that she had sent the two to Earth relying on the fact that they would be beaten by Theodore Logical. Upon being questioned about this, she revealed the machine from before and stated she had everything under control.

In Interlude, Divara gave Zetium and Prelude a very brief and very vague explanation towards her motivations.


Divara appears to be an adult human female with pale white skin and black, flowing hair. She wears a long black dress and blue gloves and shoes, with her hair constantly sparkling with star-like dots.


Divara is a self-professed reality warper, generally able to shape reality as she pleases. There do appear to be some limits to this, however, as she stated she wouldn't be able to bring the Anti-Life Entity back without causing a destructive backlash of unknown proportions.

Being part-human has evidently rendered the personalities that usually act as checks and balances for a Celestialsapien's decisions a non-issue, allowing her to use her abilities as needed.


Divara is both eccentric and easy-going, taking most things in stride and never taking anything too seriously. She's perfectly capable of having a serious conversation, but will generally have a lighter attitude during it than might be deemed appropriate. She occasionally talks in a sing-songy voice, usually while trying to lighten the mood when explaining something.

In Interlude, it is heavily implied that the above traits are used to cover up a deep case of depression caused by grief and survivor's guilt. She explicitly stated in the same episode that her primary goal is to resurrect the Anti-Life Entity specifically so something can finally kill her.



  • Divara's Associated Tarot is The Moon, which is associated with creativity, inspiration, dreams, madness, illusions, fear, fantasy, the subconscious and trickery.

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