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Dr. Psychobos
Dr. Psychobosovfront
General Information
Species Cybernetically Enhanced Mutant Cerebrocrustacean
Home World Encephalonus IV
Body Crustacean
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence



Electric Shields

Electric Laser

Equipment Device on his brain
First Appearance Of Predators and Prey: Part 1
Dr. Psychobos is an mutant Cerebrocrustacean from the planet Encephalonus IV. He along with Malware and Khyber, served as one of the primary antagonists at the beginning of Omniverse, and into the second and third story arcs.


Dr. Psychobos approached the mutant Galvanic Mechamorph Malware with a offer to make him a superior Omnitrix if he could bring him the Omnitrix as a start. They both have a goal to get the Omnigizer in BATO.


Dr. Psychobos, like most of his kind has a crab-like appearance. His right claw is normal one and while the left is a rather large claw which resembles the claw of lobster. The color of his skin is purple and there is some sort of symbol on the center of his skull. He has pink eyes, white eyebrows and a mustache.

In Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, he has his Omniverse appearance, but his right claw is bigger.

In Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed, he looks like his Omniverse appearance, but he has no mustache.

In Ben 10: The Omniwars, he has his Omniverse appearance, but his claws are both the same size. The symbol on his head is different, resembling a two-sided crest.

In Ben 10: Unbound, he has his Omniverse appearance but with six legs. His claws are now both the same size.

In Ben 71: The Planet Wars, he has his Omniverse appearnce, but with a built-in jetpack.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Cerebrocrustaceans, he has electrokinesis and has a very enhanced intellect. He can also create electric force fields around himself or other things or people. By using his electrokinesis, he can shoot electricity from his pincers. His enhanced intellect makes him speak in a higher diction like all Cerebrocrustaceans.


He is shown to have great resent and jealousy for the Galvan, especially Azmuth, and brags about his own intelligence. He has a slight fear of his business partner Malware. He also appears to be very impatient, so much that he doesn't get want he always does the work by himself.


Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

Ben 10: Heroics Unleashed

Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited

Ben 10: Super Omniverse

Richard 10: Alpha-Omegaverse

John Smith 10: Distant Worlds

Ancient Times

Ben 10: The Omniwars

Ben 71

He is set to appear along with his alternate counterpart, and possibly Malware, in season 7.

Ryder 10

Psychobos first appears under the employment of Vilgax, though he has alterior motives.


  • Dr. Psychobos is not a typical Cerebrocrustacean.
  • Dr. Psychobos has a stuttered speech.
  • Dr. Psychobos considers himself and Azmuth to be rivals, but Azmuth doesn't care.
  • The fact that Dr. Psychobos has a drastically different appearance compared to the rest of his species is reminiscent of the blue lobster and the mutation that generates its odd coloring.


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