Dragoon is a dragon-like alien. He is the same species as the map maker dragon.




  • Fire Breathe
  • Super Strength
  • Flight


  • If his wings are wet, he can't fly
  • It's hard for him to get up if he falls on his back
  • He cannot swim

Species and Planet

Species: Unknown (said to be Dragons)

This species is unknown. By the Galvans, it's identified as a mutant Vaxasaurian (Humongousaur's species) but by other species such as Cerebrocrustacean (Brainstorm's species), it's a unique species that is very rare. Both are yet to be proven. These "Dragons" were originally from Agria, but some went to live on Terradino. Soon, the Dragons and Vaxasaurians went to war over territory. Years after the war begin, the two species resolved their differences and created a treaty. The Dragons agreed to not invade Terradino, and the Vaxasaurians allowed Dragon refugees to live on the planet.

Planet: Agria

Although it's species wasnt identified, Dragoon's planet was. The species lived on a tropical world called Agria in which many volcanos erupted. This is how Dragoon's species gets it's powers.


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