Ecto-Knight is the knight of Anur Phaetos. He is the only black Ectonurite on his planet so he can be easily spotted. His plan is to destroy the sun and always be at full power.

Species: Ectonurite
Age: Unknown
Affiliations: Ectonurites
Occupation(s): Knight of Anur Phaetos
Abilities: Levitation, Energy beam projection, Intangibility, Invisibility, Body possession, Telekinesis
Relatives: Freak (Fred's Insults)


Ecto-Knight can peel back his own skin, which reveals his horrifying true form. He can also direct light and chemicals that can affect his body will nullify his invisibility and intangibility. He is also meant for extreme combat with his second layer of skin. Ecto-Knight also has powerful psychic abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis. Ecto-Knight can shoot purple or blue beams from

Ecto Knight in Fed 40,000

Ecto-Knight in "Fred 40,000"

his chest (when he pulls back his skin) and from his hands. While wearing his second skin, Ecto-Knight can move his eye across the white lines that cover his body.

Fred 40,000

Ecto-Knight looks totally different in Fred 40,000.He looks like Ghostfreak in Alien Force but his color is white and his claws are totally black.

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