He is an alien used in Hero time. He is one of Eli's aliens
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He is a yellow and blue human like creature with a spike on his head. He has blue on the end of his arms and legs and the rest of his body is yellow.


Electroflow has a variety of electricity powers. He can shoot, absorb, and channel electricity. He can also read peoples thoughts through electrical brain pulses. As he absorbs electricity he becomes larger and fatter. He can also move extremely fast. The species are also genuises


He is weak against lasers, water, and substances highly conductable to electricity. He is vulnerable to rubber because it doesn't conduct electricity

Species and planet

Electroflow is a Jumperion from Jumperu. Jumperions are quick aliens made of electricity. The like electricity as food and the world conducts a lot of it. They are the sole species of their planet because there is no other species on the planet including plants(except for organic robots named Jumperusian). They later built robots that they use as servants and companions though they do . This species soon evolved into a smart one since all they had to do was study and this became world wide through the age. This planet is a constant world of thunderstorms. The planet has only one species, the Jumperion, (with the except of the organic robots called Jumperusians) and has many robots on it. The homes are metal huts with metal rods on the top. The land is became metal through renovation an there is no organic matter besides the species that reside there being only two.

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