He looks like a humanoid with muscles and his head has a resemblance to Waybig' s head with narrow green eyes and two spiky shoulders with lightning strikes on the base of the shoulders. He also has a nose similar to that of Rath' s. He has a spike on each side of his face. He has three digit claws on each hand with spiked elbows that also have lightning strikes. He has the ultimatrix symbol on his chest and has lightning strikes that go around his neck, waist, his feet, and the bottom of his chest.


Like his name says, he can shoot lightning and project electricity similar to Brainstorm. He also has super strength and strong agility and sense of smell.


He can easily be electrocuted by his own powers if he gets wet with water and he can' t smell anything when he is sick.


Shipped Out ( 2x, and first appearance )

Overload ( accidental transformation, selected alien was Heatblast )

Aftershock: Part 1 ( accidental transformation )



Zs Skay'r Returns: Part 2 ( accidental transformation, selected alien was Ghostfreak )

The Secret of Elektroid ( cameo, and Damped the alien that gave the codon stream the Elektroid DNA sample )

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