Ethereal Plumbers are from Planet Encephalonus (1), Feudalia (1), Aeropela e.t.c. The Members are the ones disqualified from being a Plumber. So they made up their team called The Ethereal. The Ethereal helped Ben more than any plumber team.


  1. Tetrax - A Petrosapien from Petropia (Leader)
  2. Reinsarrig 3 - A Highbreed
  3. Harry - A Methanosian (Swampfire), cousin to Pierce and Helen
  4. Nadira - A Half Crystalsapien (Chromastone)/Occultian(Sycorax) from planet of Acolytus
  5. Data-Bot (V1) - A Mechnaish (Byte)
  6. Dan - A Cerebrocrustacean (Brainstorm)
  7. Dana - A Cerebrocrustacean (Brainstorm)
  8. Jon - An Ornithian (Angel)
  9. Silhouette* (Fired) - A Mesypnomer (Mindmesser)
  10. Lawrence - A Mesypnomer (Mindmesser)
  11. Laura - A Japonicus Karatian (Samurai)
  12. Tim - A Aerophibian (Jetray)
  13. Tom - A Megaray, brother to Tim
  14. Liam - A Japonicus Karatian (Samurai), brother to Jon
  15. Thanatos - God of Death
  16. Hypnos - God of Sleep
  17. Saturn - God of Time
  18. Hecate - goddess of crossroads, sleep and fire
  19. Morpheus - the God of Dream

* - Silhouette was thrown out of Ethereal, because of his greed for Power.

Events where they save the world

  • The Ethereal Plumbers were mentioned by Gwen when they were fighting Vilgax's Robot Drones.
  • Lawrence saved Kevin from being killed by Silhouette.
  • Dana (in an accident) prevented the Asteroid from crashing into Earth.
  • Reinsarrig 3 and Tim attacked Hel when she was trying to get the Omnitrix
  • Liam kicked Vreedle Brothers in Devil's Triumph


  • Though Tetrax was a Ethereal, he didn't appear as a leader.
  • Ultimos was regarded as the Leader, but Dan voted for Tetrax.
  • Reiny is now a part Swampfire, Chromastone and Big Chill. He Said that he likes being a mixture to Kevin's surprise.

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