General Information
Species Evolution Chip
Home World None
Body Mechanical
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Evolving Stuff
First Appearance Unknown
Evolvolution is an Evolution Chip from no planet in Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure.


Evolvolution looks like a brown/beige machine. He has a diamond body, a square head, and two square shoulders. He has a piece of paper taped to his body. He can make chain arms with hands and pencil claws come from his shoulders.


  • Making chain arms come from his shoulders
  • Pencil claws
  • When a word gets written on his paper, he can shoot a beam from his head circle and make an object or living thing be that evolution.
  • Indestructible
  • Spinning around


He has little control of his arms, so he has to get someone to write for him.



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