Father Alan
General Information
Species Human (formerly)
Home World Earth
Alias Dread
Friends Terox (deceased)
Pslycho (deceased)
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Appendage Formation
Chronokinesis (limited)
Mass Paralysis
Enhanced Condition
Transmundane Formation
First Appearance Mig X: Revolution
Father Alan, or Dread, is a villain in Mig X: Revolution.


The pic sums it up.

Powers & Abilities

Dread has the abilities to extend appendages from his body at will in order to strike his foes; he can also regenerate, freeze time (to an extent), and cause mass paralysis.


Father Alan was a priest in Soledad, or so he thought. Father Alan had been brainwashed by Terox prior to his transformation in order to "test" him. Eventually, Father Alan set up a church there, and was curious as to why no one was there, but unbeknowst to him this was all a ploy by Terox. Terox made him the strongest disciple.



  • Dread's transformation scene initally was much more gruesome, but it was dialed down.
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