Albedo changes into Nightmare and attacked Ben. Ben was panicked and ran into the bush. Albedo then changes into Wildvine and wrapped Ben in a trap. Albedo then went to Egypt. In Egypt, he acquired the amulet of Tem, which can give in more power! Ben went to Egypt with Max and Gwen. Albedo changes into Big Chill and froze Max. Ben changes into Electroguana and shot thousands of lightning bolts. The amulet of Tem gave Albedo more power and Albedo changes into Nightmare and captured him. Electroguana takes the amulet and suddenly.... it changes Ben into the new......... alien Sobek. Sobek attacks Albedo. Albedo changes into Diamondhead but Sobek destroy all of the stone. Albedo changes into Swampfire but Sobek ate him and spit him out. Grandpa sends Albedo into the Null Void.

Aliens used






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