Fed is the third episode of Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix 2. It is the first appearance of Hex and Crabalone.


Ben fights Serpent and a horde of Vamdebats. After using Freezer to freeze the horde and Serpent. He meets a girl who told them that Albadra is in trouble by Hex. So, with the help of Julie and Ship, Ben, Kevin and Tempeter (Gwen was absent in the episode) went to Albadra and meets a Geochelone Aerio, he transforms into a Cannonball and attack the trio. Using Psychopomp, he confuse the alien. The alien revert back to normal and explain that, a extradimensional being invade the planet. Later, Ben and trio got captured by the other Geochelone Aerios. Ben explains, how they were unlucky to talk, because the Geochelone Aerio was possessed by Hex. Then, later, Hex froze the three so angrily. So, Hex stuffed Ben and Tempeter so many that Ben had become fat like a Terraspin. Ben used Ghostfreak (who is fat) to return to its normal form. Later, he defeats Hex as Crabalone. Later, in the HQ, Tempeter had become fat that his brain fires chocalates and jellies.

Aliens Used

Major Events

  • Ben unlocked Crabalone


  • On the left hand of the Headquater - Ben's Birdragon and Ultimate Birdragon's portraits can be seen

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