Fredwolf is an Inferoan from the same planet as Benwolf,Luna Lobo. Fred got his DNA while wrestling an unnamed Inferoan.

Species: Inferoan
Home planet: Luna Lobo
Body type: Humanoid
Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility,Enchanced hearing, Sharp claws, Sonic Howl


Fredwolf is very muscular, tall, has dog-like back legs, stands on his back legs, and has a face and muzzle. It also has many animal-like tendencies. Fredwolf has enhanced strength, speed and agility; supposedly being able to lift approximately 300 lbs and run over 90 mph. In addition to Fredwolf's formidable claws, fangs, and muscles, he can also emit a sonic howl. He can also do a jump attack by using his claws to slash the air. He also smacks the ground to send vibrations all along the ground.

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