Freezer is a Cryosapien from Planet Cryos.


Freezer power


Cryosapiens looked alot like Arcticguana but only for amphibian. He is a cryokinetic alien, he can shape shift ice into any form and freeze. He has Ankylosaur-like spikes with 4 spiky fingers with the Omnitrix Symbol on the forehead. Also, if he concentrate powerful enough he can shoot darts of icicles out of his eyes. He is the third alien to be used.


Prestofreezer resembles Arcticguana rather then Freezer. He can use fog breath.

Ultimate Freezer

Ultimate Freezer is a Reptile alien with pink tint on its forehead. His omnitrix symbol is on its belt. He is red.



  • Freeze an opponent
  • Cryokinesis
  • Fog Breath
  • Shoot Darts of Icicles out of the eyes


  • If his breath is used too much he needs to catch his breath before firing his freezing breath again.
  • He could be unconscious if he uses cryokinesis everytime.

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