File:185px-Frost bite.png


  • Can turn into a sphere (ball) like Cannonbolt
  • Can withstand any climate
  • When he touches something, it is overlapped with ice
  • Has a mouth the size of the front of a buggy


Species: Jiggunit

Home Planet: Mokajay

Planet Information: Mokajay is like a village in the Himalayas only the planet is the size of Europe. It is the 12th smallest planet in the universe. Mokajay is right in front of Kylmyys.

Specie Information: Jiggunit's know when to have a great laugh. They mostly push each other till one falls down. Jiggunit's are mostly nice, and that is why their planet has a really low crime rate.

Ultimate form

See Ultimate FrostBite


Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse

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