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Frozocis, the home planet of the Frigidors.


Frigidors are born here and spend exactly 28 (earth) years here to train themselves for the outside world. This planet's below zero temperature makes this planet uninhabitable to any other species that aren't the Frigidor species.


 Its gaseous upper atmosphere repels heat, blocks out most sunlight that might reach the surface and produces blizzards that occur with barely a moment's warning, and coincide with immense temperature drops which can kill any beings that aren't Frigidors just as quickly.

Frigidors often create sculptures as big as glaciers of things they see in space or rather, themselves. The sculptures are beautiful, glissening, bodies of pure ice.

Overall, the planet looks like a moon, due to the sheer whiteness of all the snow on its surface. 


  • On some planets, as punishment for a crime, you must spend at least one week on this planet.
    • Many barely survive 16 hours, however.
  • According to Galvan race, this world use to be hotter than the surface of Earth's sun. 
  • When first discovered, it was thought that this world was a moon.