Gemidites are a type Of Species who Live on Petropia. There are many types, here are some examples. There color depends on their powers.



The Emeraldsapiens are Gemidites that control plants. They can control plants and giving them indestructible shells made of diamond. The diamonds they shoot can be planted in the ground, then grow quickly into spiky indestructible diamond plants. Because the diamond seeds are indestructible, they can be planted anywhere. Green is also the color of luck which makes the Emeraldsapiens pretty lucky.


Red is The color of Evil. The Rubysapein's power is super strength. Also, their diamonds are indestructible.



The Sapphiresapien's power is to control Water. Also, when they shoot projectiles, they are filled with Water. They go to Pyro (Heatblast's Planet) to fight battles.

Other Species


Diamondsapiens are almost like the Petrosapiens but are made of strange type of crystal called Daimon. They are rough and haughty like Rath. Ben might have absorbed some of the RNA of these Diamondsapiens.

The Diamondsapien


They are an intelligent race but are outcasted by the other species of Gemidites. They helped Sugilite to defeat other Gemidites.


The Gemidite Warriors dress Like Tetrax. They have guns and weapons, like him.

Emrald Warriors

Gemidite Warriors

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