Ben was fighting Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak was exposed to the sun and was killed. The DNA of Ghostfreak (looks like a goop) suddenly attached to Ben's Omnitrix and caused Ben's aliens into more Ghostfreakish form. Whatever he turns, he transfromed into a Wraith Form. Azmuth was very angry. Because the Omnitrix will turn the world in a Nightmare of Ghosts. So he sent Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Alan and Cooper to Planet Anur Phaeton, the dreaded Planet of Ghostfreaks. Wait up for the next episode.

Aliens Used

  1. Wraith Goop
  2. Wraith Chromastone
  3. Wraith Corona Storm
  4. Wraith Diamondhead
  5. Wraith Icestone
  6. Wraith Wildvine
  7. Wraith Devil
  8. Wraith Nightmare
  9. Wraith Mana Wolf
  10. Wraith Plantsy


  • When Azmuth refers Ben as a hero, he mentions that Gwen released her innate powers from the manifestation of Ghostfreak.
  • When Wraith Chromastone attacks, he absorbed all the energy from a person and shots out starry rays (unlike multicoloured ray)

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