On Planet Anur Phaeton

Ben, Gwen and Kevin were attacked by some Ectonourites. Alan and Cooper took care of them and asked Ben to go to Occultian Temple. Ben changes into Wraith Spidermonkey and dashed to the Temple. In the temple, Ben was attacked by Ectonourites. Ben changes in Wraith Sycorax and calms the Ghostfreaks down. Meanwhile, Alan and Cooper were possessed by Zs'Syakr. Wraith Sycorax defeated Zs'Skayr and went back to Azmuth.

On Earth

Azmuth was attacked by Rojo and Vilgax. Ben rushes and accidently turns into Wraith Swampfire. Rojo defeated Swampfire and Swampfire was killed. Omnitrix renewed and changes Swampfire's Swampy things into Wraith Wetland.Wetland defeated Rojo and Vilgax. Azmuth stops the Wraith transformation. Azmuth awards Ben for his heroism, which was a DNA strand. It unlocks some aliens.

Aliens Used

Wraith Plesiosaur

Wraith Spidermonkey

Wraith Sycorax

Wraith Swampfire

Wraith Wetland

New Aliens




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