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Ghostmummy has been a stub for a while!

Ghostmummy is a Thepnourite. When Z'Skayr took over BenMummy (as in Ben transformed into BenMummy), it interacted with the Omnitrix. While in the process, the Omnitrix read the DNA the wrong way (Due to a glitch Ben caused) and fused the DNA rather than storing it. The end result is GhostMummy. Ben rarely calls upon it as GhostMummy still has some 'creepy' personalities left with Z'Skayr such as Z'Skayr's voice talking inside Ben's head, occasionally the shadow would represent Z'Skayr's, and the haunting presence of something behind you. Even though with all of those terrible qualities, GhostMummy is a force to reckon with. It has all the powers of flexible bandages (which can phase through certain objects) and GhostMummy also has a hidden technique that hasn't been shown so far. In simple terms, GhostMummy's body becomes enveloped in Pharoic Scribing, or Egyptian words. Once this happens, GhostMummy charges up darkness into a hole in his chest. Once the hole is full of compressed darkness, BenMummy can fire it at whim, which can obliterate everything in sight. Not only is this a dangerous technique, it also weakens the control Ben has over GhostMummy and the closer Z'Skayr is able to escape from its prison.

GhostMummy in its tangible form.

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