• Can grow up to 130 feet
  • Can Strectch Body Parts by 2 Multiplied by height
  • Can force plant evolution (example can make an Acorn into an Oak tree)


Species:Pandorman, Pandormana (Male) Pandormano (Woman)

Planet: Febellow

Planet Information: Febellow is the 4th planet closes to the sun in there Solar system, But luckily they are sensitive to sunlight. The planet has a tropical veiw with mostly Giant Mush rooms. These Giant Mushrooms have a Pollen which can speed up growing proccecess but they don't effect the Pandorman. The Highbreed used to to use the Pollen in the liquid they store there Xenocyte.

Specie Information: the Pandorman are a Peace ful race but they can be violent. They once fought a fraction of a race just because they didn't ask to live on one of the planets in there solar system. However Pandorman's can be killed under Hot weather so when ever it's to bright they head for the waters and they give to start a fight. Pandorman's have the best mecanism there skin is poisonous whenever a fraction goes into another body they die it's posion spreads thru there body by the size of a Leaf per second.

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