Gryn is one of Zs'Skagax henchman. He is able to make himself look like a normal Petropian. After a freak accident, he turned into a Ectonurite-Petropian hydrid and he left Petropia right before it was destroyed. He later teams up with Zs'Skagax. He later becomes a full Petrosapiens again and becomes a mercanary.


Gryn is devious, powerful and a brilliant stradegist. He uses his powers for his own intentions. He has the power equal to Zs'Skagax, Vilgax, ten Ectonurites, and Big Chill combined, which makes him the third most powerful being i

Gryn, before the accident

n the galaxy.


  • Intangability/Invisablilty (formally)
  • Can Shoot Diamonds
  • Can Shapeshift Into A Normal Petropian
  • Levitation (formally)
  • Nearly Indestructable
  • Telekinesis (formally)
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Highly advanced mercenary weaponary


  • Light (formerly)
  • Sonic Waves
  • Easily Spotted in the Dark

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