Gumball 10: Hero Generation!
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Gumball Watterson: The Hero!

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It's Been a Long, Dangerous Battle!

Gumball 10: Hero Generation! is currently on hiatus for a while. You will have to wait until it returns from its break to see any new episodes. Sorry about that.


Ben Tennyson accidently teleported the Ultimatrix to Gumball Watterson's Universe, and Gumball discovered it. Now Gumball, 14, has become Gumball 10 and Darwin has Kevin's powers, Penny with Anodite powers and Anais now thought as the Ultimatrix Creator!

Video Games

Gumball 10: Ultimate Hero!



Gumball Watterson/Ultimate Gumball

Darwin Watterson/Ultimate Darwin

Penny/Ultimate Penny

Zonic The Porcupine

E.V.Os (Evil Villians from Ohio)

Miss Simian


Tina Rex and the Beastly Bonkers (Tina, Jamie and Carrie)


Season 2 Villians

HGB: Heroes Gone Bad

Ben Tennyson

Kevin Levin

Gwen Tennyson


Episode Guide

Season 1: 2011

Dawn of Gumball 10!

Gumball becomes a hero in Elmore with the help of the gang!

Penny and the Temple of Antidotes!

Anais sends Penny and Gumball on a mission to find Anidotes!

Darwin's Out of Control!!!

When Fusion Matter infects Darwin, Gumball and Penny have to travel to Planet Fuse and defeat Fuse!

Love At First Fright...

It's School Prom, and Gumball asks Penny to the dance. However, The EVOs start to invade the Prom. So it's up to Gumball, Penny and Darwin to save everyone!

Gumball Watterson And The Negatrix Universe!

Gumball goes to another world and meets his evil alternate twin again: Llabmug!

Gumball Generations

Darwin is playing his and Gumball's newest video game, Zonic Generations (A parody of Sonic Generations) but when Penny starts playing Zonic Generations, she uses the "Illgeal Forbidden Zonic Generations Ultimate Cheat" she takes Gumball, Darwin and herself into Zonic Generations as they team up with Zonic!


Gumball and co. have been chosen into the greatest heroes competition "The Herolympics"! But it's not goning to be easy, There is Zonic, Gario, Ken 10 and even stronger heroes!

Gumball 10: Return of Zonic and Babuu!

Llabmug has realesed Zonic the Porcupine and Babuu into Elmore. Gumball and the gang has to Elmore in this Season 1 movie finale special where it's so good TWO dimensions are not enough!

Gumball 10 Returns

It's been a year since Team Gumball split up. But with Ben Tennyson becoming evil, Team Gumball reunite in the craziest Season Premire Gumball's ever had!

The Fight Before Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and Team Gumball are pumped for Christmas. Until, Pyronites, Methanosians and Evolved Methanosians invade Elmore in the Ultimate Fight Before Christmas!


Gumball 10: Return of Zonic and Babuu!

Gumball and the gang find out that Llabmug has realesed Babuu from Zonic Generations. So it's up to Gumball, Zonic, Darwin and Penny to save Elmore from a Cosmic Destruction!

Noah 10-Gumball 10: Heroes Unleashed

The greatest ultimate crossover movie of all time has came! Gumball meets Noah in the crossover you'll never forget!

Season 2: Gumball 10: GO!

Lazy Day

It's Saturday, and Gumball decides to have his lazy day, until it's stopped by evil!

Gumball's New Game

Gumball and Darwin buy a new video game: Street Fighter IV. However Gumball is stuck trying to complete level 1!

Gumball at Gym

Gumball makes a new workout DVD called: Gumball at Gym.

An Interview With Superhero Gumball Watterson

Gumball gets interviewed.


Gumball 10: Hero Generation: The Beginnings