When Girls start to disappear at Gwen's college she calls Ben to investigate. When Ben arrives he goes to talk to the Dean of the Campus. When he gets to the office he sees dozens of pictures of him!Then the dean walks in.She faints because Ben is their. When she wakes up Ben says do you know anything about the disappearing students? She says no with a worried look on her face. Ben then goes Ampfibian to check if she's lying. She is then she turns into a galvan! She takes out a ray and trys to blast ben! But Gwen uses her powers and puts a sheild in front of him. Ben then goes Heatblast and fires fireballs at her! She gets hit directly and dies. Gwen then says thanks and maybe we should get a new dean. Shortly after Ben leaves the girls come back.





Dean Riverbottom

Aliens Used




Ben as Ampfibian:Let's see if she's lying!


The Dean either hates or loves Ben?

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