Gwendolyn Tennyson

Gwendolyn as she appears in Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution

Gwen Tennyson is the daughter of Ben Tennyson and Kai Green. She is somewhat adventrous and
Gwendoyln tennyson

Gwendolyn Tennyson (before her Omnitrix)

likes to tease Ken (which revolves as Ben teased Gwen). Gwen wears black jeans and likes to cycle which Ken hates. Ken and Gwen get along each other but not with Devin Levin. Gwen Tennyson got the Omnitrix which she called it Ectotrix in Dawn of Gwen 10. Gwen had a crush on a boy called Larry Gordon.

Aliens in Her Ectotrix

  • Heatblast
  • Chromastone
  • Big Chill
  • Nanomech
  • Buzzshock
  • Gwenmummy
  • Gwenvicktor
  • Gwenwolf
  • Blocked
  • Ghostfreak

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