Ben, Gwen and Kevin are fighting some RNAliens. Ben finds a ghoul statue. Later, Tempeter finds it and asks them to throw away. Ben and Gwen accidentally place it in the moonlight which burst and attacks them. Ben changes into Jetblast but it absorbs it causing Ben into a injured state. Tempeter sees this and flees screaming. Ben changes into Cerebellum and fires Brain-lasers.Later, Kevin sees this and thinks thats Ben. The ghouls had absorb Kevin and become like him. Later, Ben had no choice but to change into Fire-Lizard but absorb him. Ben changes into... Deathvoid and destroys the statue. Ben finally said to Kevin that he is going to have a normal Halloween. Suddenly a ghoul appears, Ben blasts energy at him who reveals to be Tempeter now he can't get up!!

Aliens used

Jetblast (x2)


Fire lizard



  • Note that, Deathvoid transfromation is similar to Ghostfreaks and Big CHill
  • Ben's Omnitrix disappear when the ghoul appears and reappears again when he ducks.
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Beware! Necrofriggians Endangered

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