Hecate is the daughter of Perse and Asteria. She was sent to become the Torchbearer to Elysium. Hecate has power of Umbra-Kinetic. Hecate like Nightmare, can create complete darkness. Hecate helped Ben in Devil's Triumph Part 2 where she burned Destrutis into Ashes. She had a crush of the Moon god - Khonsu. In Hecate's Problem, Ben was asked to lure Khonsu into Hecate. This plan failed when Death Devil and Dr. Animo attacked them. After that Hecate was the spouse of Khonsu. She became the Ethereal Plumber.


Hecate as the goddess of crossroads can mystify or hallucinate people.

Hecate as the goddess of darkness can become invisible.

Hecate as the goddess of speed can use super-speed.

Hecate as the goddess of Witchcraft can use mana.

Hecate as the torchbearer can manipulate fire!

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