Hel was very frustrated after the defeat. So, she tried to hypnotize Kevin. Kevin under her spell, was possessed by Hel. Then, after fighting Ben, Hel tried to merge one of the dimension to Ben's universe. Hel merges the universe with Olympus. Olympus, the home of Greek home were being attacked by Furious Devils. Olympus (the god) angered with Hel, attacked her. Hel crushes Olympus. Ben changes into Alien Z and battled. Ben teams up with Artemis and Apollo and battled Hel. Hel sends her Dalmonster (Dalmation + Monster). Gwen teams up with Hermes and Pan and fought Dalmonster. In the end, Ben jumps on Hel and used her magic to separate the universes. Zeus, who just make a cameo told Ben that he will be the greatest hero!



  • When Ben changes in Alien Z, the star on his body looks very much like lightning.
  • Zeus made a cameo, where he possessed Alien Z.
  • Hercules isn't featured in the Olympians but referred by Gwen as coward

Aliens Used

Big Chill



Spitter (Unlocked)




Alien Z

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